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Body Language for Public Speakers

Body Language for Public Speakers

Divide Eye Contact – Divide your eye contact over the room and look the audience in the eye.

Smile – to make your audience comfortable simply smile at them.  Smiling is our most powerful tool.

Gesticulate – Gesture with your arms and hands in a natural way to keep your audience attention.

Authority and Keep Calm – Demonstrate authority, keep calm and use small fluid gestures. This way people will trust you and view you as a confident person.

Keep your Back Straight – This position will make you breathe better and you’ll feel more relaxed.

Bring Movement to Your Speech – Use the physical space you have available and walk it.

Encourage Participation – Use open gestures and if possible walk around and towards people. We tend to participate more when we have proximity to a speaker.

55% of communication is body language

38% is tone of voice

7% is the actual words spoken.

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