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5 Ways to Be More Charismatic in your Next Conversation

5 Ways to Be More Charismatic in your Next Conversation

  1. Show Vulnerability

Vulnerability makes us all look more human. At work, this can mean sharing business struggles that help people identify with you. But it doesn’t mean sitting around complaining about your job; it means occasionally sharing a work story that’s not about success.

  1. Use Humor

Charismatic people add a bit of humor to their conversations without being over-the-top jokesters. It can be small things that have happened in your everyday life, like perhaps a time you spilled coffee all over your boss on the first day at your new job.

  1. Listen Intently

When you’re talking to someone, everything else should be put on hold. Put your phone away and avoid looking at your computer screen if the person visits your office.

  1. Use Your Hands

Your hands should add meaning to your words rather than detract from them. So don’t park them in a position that looks unconfident (e.g., folded across your chest or behind your back).

  1. Make Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is a good way to assert control. Just don’t do a stare down, which looks aggressive rather than inviting. Strike a nice balance by looking away from time to time, but returning quickly to continue the eye contact.

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