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How to Describe What You Do in One Simple Sentence?

How to Describe What You Do in One Simple Sentence?

TEAM¬†recently conducted a Speed Networking exercise. Participants had 30 seconds to get their message across. Your standard One Minute Commercial won’t work in this exercise. You have to be able to describe what you do in ONE sentence.¬†You don’t need to be witty, clever, whimsical or even original to get the results you want. In fact, messaging that works best is usually the short, sweet and simple kind.

Include 3 key pieces of information:

  1. Who do you serve? (i.e. your audience)
  2. What problem do you solve? (i.e. your benefit)
  3. How do you solve it? (i.e. your most memorable features, process or solution)

Try this simple formula to get you started:

I’m a [job title] who helps / works with / serves / inspires [target market] to [result that you achieve for your clients] through / by / using [tools, methods, teachings, etc that you use to get your results].

You need to test out your creation to make sure it resonates with your audience & will get results. Once you’ve mastered it, it’ll be so much easier for your audience with a limited attention span to understand what makes you different, better and worth working with.

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