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6 Effective Ways to Deal with Criticism

6 Effective Ways to Deal with Criticism

  1. Consider the source. Do you value the criticizer’s opinion? Does this person have a pattern of being helpful or harmful?
  2. What kind of criticism is it? Some criticism is just plain mean. Other forms of criticism is constructive. Constructive criticism isn’t a personal attack.
  3. Have an attitude of growth.  Be open to learning and changing.  Instead of focusing on the negative, take this as an opportunity for self-improvement.
  4. Let go of what doesn’t feel true and don’t take it personally. If the criticism really doesn’t feel valid, shift your focus.  Not all criticism is really about you.  It may be a projection of someone else’s insecurity, jealousy or unhappiness.
  5. Feel your feelings.  Allow yourself to feel hurt or angry.  It’s not helpful to deny or bury your feelings.
  6. Show yourself compassion.  In addition to feeling those tough feelings, be kind to yourself.  Use positive self-talk such as, “This criticism hurts but it doesn’t define me.”


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