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Network Without Leaving Your Couch

Network Without Leaving Your Couch

by Tori Dunlap

For most, networking is one of the most vulnerable things you can do. Physically getting in front of someone will always be the best way to connect — but what if you’re just not feeling it today? Take 10 minutes this weekend (while curled up on a big, comfy couch), and let’s get your career boosted. Here’s a list of options to open you up.


  1. Write a congratulations card to someone who just got a promotion
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile (it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?)
  3. Post your goals on a social media site and ask for help achieving them
  4. Challenging project on your plate? Ask your network for advice
  5. Send a kind message to someone struggling in their job
  6. Research (or begin) a side hustle
  7. Make an actual phone call (gasp!) to an old coworker
  8. Connect with someone you admire on LinkedIn
  9. Write a recommendation letter for a colleague
  10. Contact your alumni association to assist a student with their career development
  11. Write a bi-yearly “what’s up” email to your mentors
  12. Thoughtfully comment on a blog post of someone you admire
  13. Message someone who has made an impact on you and tell them why
  14. Make some changes to your resume
  15. Ask a blogger if you could guest-write a post
  16. Call an old client and see if they could use your services again
  17. Write about a tough experience in your career and how you handled it. Post on LinkedIn
  18. Cold-email someone your resume and how you could add value to their organization
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