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Networking Q&A: How Can I Be More Consistent in my Networking

Networking Q&A: How Can I Be More Consistent in my Networking

Question: How can I be more consistent in my networking?

Answer: Consistency is a key to success. The more you are consistent in all areas of your business–networking, marketing, social media, selling, delivering your product/service, billing–the more successful you will be.

When it comes to networking, set small goals and then as each goal becomes a habit, add in another goal. Here are some great networking goals to start with:

  • I will attend one networking meeting each week.
  • I commit to following up with everyone I meet each week by Friday at noon.
  • I will meet one-on-one with one new professional each week. (At the end of the year, that is 50+ new relationships I will have cultivated.)

These consistent actions will keep you moving forward as your build your network and your referral relationships with others. Begin with one, and when you are ready, add in another layer to your consistency with networking.

Here’s to your networking success!

Terilee Harrison helps entrepreneurs and small business owners get more referrals, clients, and leads through proven offline and online marketing strategies. Book your referral strategy session here.

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