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Networking Q&A: How Can I Tell Someone What I Do Without Pitching Them

Networking Q&A: How Can I Tell Someone What I Do Without Pitching Them

Question: How can I tell someone what I do without pitching them? How do I make a good and lasting impression without sounding pushy?

Answer: It’s the right thing to not want to sound “pushy” when you are networking. You can still share with someone what you do, but it’s all about your intent.

Keep in mind, when you meet someone and your intent is on building a relationship and not selling to them today, you can share what you do and explore how you can help each other without pressuring them to want to buy from you right away. Sharing your one minute business commercial with them is a great place to start. By focusing on the person you meet and what connections you can make to help them, you will create a good and lasting impression.

When you build your network this way, you will be well thought of throughout your business community and will ultimately do more business with the people you meet than anyone who utilizes the strategy of being “pushy”.

Here’s to your networking success!

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