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Networking Q&A: Where Are Places I Can Network Locally

Networking Q&A: Where Are Places I Can Network Locally

Question: Where are places I can network locally?

Answer: You can ask professionals who are well connected in your community where they network. Find out if you can attend the next meeting with them. They might look forward to having you as their guest!

You can also find places to network online. Also ask your Facebook friends: Where are your favorite places to network and make connections? Here are some top searches you can make:

You can check out events happening on Facebook.

Visit Meetup.com to look for local live meetings.

Google search “your city name” Chamber of Commerce.

If you would like to network while you serve others, look for a local Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lions Club.

If you would like to network and improve your public speaking skills at the same time, look for a local Toastmasters Club.

You can search for a specialty networking group. There are lots of groups for women or industry groups, for example.

Search for a referral networking meeting for groups that will focus on giving referrals.

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