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Five Areas of Self-Care

Five Areas of Self-Care

Self-care improves our mood, strengthens our immunity, and increases positive thinking.  It can decrease stress, depression and anxiety while preventing burnout.  Incorporating daily self-care practices requires dedication and practice. Take a moment every day to pause and refuel yourself in the following five areas.

Physical: Taking care of your body will increase energy levels and can boost self-esteem.

Mental: Find the balance between stimulating your mind and letting it rest.

Spiritual: Spiritual self-care can help us find more meaning and purpose in life.

Social: Activities that nurture and deepen the relationships we have with others allow for stronger bonds and help to create a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Emotional: Nourishing emotional self-care allows for a better understanding of ourselves and the ability to cope with challenges.

Restoring balance in our personal and professional lives is a state of mind created by daily habits. The different dimensions of self-care and the habits we practice will not be a one-size-fits-all pursuit. We get to create our own self-care plan.

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