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How To Stay Productive All Day Long

How To Stay Productive All Day Long

Go Back To Basics – 8 hours of sleep, a healthy breakfast and exercise will keep a sharp mind.

“Me” Morning Time – Go in early to check social profiles, news sites, and personal emails. Then, close the window!

Clear-Defined Tasks – …ask yourself, “what needs to be done next to finish the project?”

Hourly Schedule – ..set your goals by the hour. Avoid multi-tasking before you’re finished.

Check-In Times – …for looking at email and turning on Instant Messaging. Don’t leave them open all day.

15 Minute Walks – …get outside in fresh air a few times daily to avoid staring at one thing.

Plan Meeting Days – …if possible, plan 2 days weekly for meetings. The others will be task days.

Have A Calendar – …that has pop up alarms to alert you when you’re in the zone.

Be Accountable – …don’t sept until it’s finished. Which is why setting realistic goals is important.

Switch Up Scenery – …move to a different part of the office to avoid creative block.

Don’t Bring It Home – When you get home, relex. When you come back to your work, your mind will be refreshed.

Be Self Aware – …recognize what keeps your going and what gets you off track.

Stay Synced With Why –  Remember your passions, your motivation, and your reason for choosing the career that you did.

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