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Ways to Build a Confident You

Ways to Build a Confident You

Some say that confidence is innate within us- you either have it, or you don’t. Others argue that self-confidence is a skill that takes constant building. The article “6 ways to build your Confidence” provides some tips that we can do to shape a better confident you.


One way to foster confidence is to notice and challenge the critical self-talk you hear from your inner critic. Next time you hear that inner critic, CALL IT OUT! Over time the more you recognize that you are undervaluing yourself, the more that voice starts to quiet and the less power it has over you.


It is human nature to store all the negative biases about ourselves in our brain, which leads to us not recognizing what we are doing well. Try directing your focus to the positive; keep a kudos file, highlight your and your team’s impact on the organization, and emphasize your value.

Lastly, remind yourself of past challenges you have overcome, like being faced with a complex project or missing a target goal; stop and think about your resilience. Reflecting on the past challenges helps you remember what you learned and how you can apply it today while building that confidence. Remind yourself you have what it takes to succeed.

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