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Things That Waste Your Time During the Day

Things That Waste Your Time During the Day

  1. Not planning your meals. It takes time choosing what to eat & ensuring you have the right ingredients in the house.
  2. Watching TV out of habit. Do you watch TV because you can’t think of anything else to do, are bored or lose track of time?
  3. Social Media. Mindless scrolling can soon add up during the day.
  4. Not having a visual To-Do list. Don’t rely on your memory!
  5. Procrastinating. Don’t put things off for another day,  Get then done today and feel much better for ticking them off your list at last!
  6. Overloading. Your calendar and your To-Do list. You won’t get it all done anyway.
  7. Being tempted by distractions. Try to complete one task at a time and not get side-tracked.
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