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What Does Your Tomorrow Look Like

What Does Your Tomorrow Look Like

Every February, the movie Groundhog’s Day is seen more than any other, often played on a loop for 24 hours.

The main character, Phil, is stuck in a time loop, repeating the same day (Groundhog’s Day) over and over. After hundreds of repeated days, Phil goes through the expected stages. He denies that it is happening and assumes that it is a joke, talks to a doctor and tries to reason his way out of it. Phil even breaks laws because tomorrow never changes. After over 12,000 Groundhog’s Days, Phil becomes depressed because no matter what he tries to change in this world, nothing effects what tomorrow will bring.

Then Phil begins to change himself. He challenges himself. He learns languages and how to create ice sculptures. Phil relearns good behaviors like teamwork, humility and kindness. Phil learns how to live as a member of a community. It is only then that Phil wakes up to a brand-new tomorrow.

It is not until Phil becomes his change that he wakes up to his new life.

Like Phil, we must re-invent ourselves, change and improve ourselves every day to find success.

Your TEAM membership is your commitment to success in the face of challenges. All of us are faced with challenges. Some deny or refuse to face them. Others try to find ways around them or give up and wait for change to come to them. As a team, we can not do that.

We must ask ourselves what we want our tomorrows to look like. Will it be more of the same routine every day or will it be new challenges, new attempts, new stumbles and new successes. Will we resist improvements and linger in stagnation because of apathy or fear of veering from what has always been done. Or, will we charge forward and inspire others to follow our success?!

With our TEAM, we can face challenges head-on and not be afraid to change and improve. Together, TEAM members can face challenges TODAY to have a better TOMORROW.

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