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ADHA-Proof Productivity …Part 2

ADHA-Proof Productivity …Part 2


6 Reserve 15 minutes each day to clear your desk and organize your paperwork.  Avoid ‘buried desk’ syndrome this way if you wait to get organized later, it will never happen.

7 Log deadlines in Google Calendar.  Count backwards from each project’s due date, and sent email reminders when intermediate states must be completed.

8 Take copious notes in meetings. This not only helps you focus, but also provides and outlet for restlessness.  If your handwriting is messy, ask to bring your laptop.

9 Keep a record of all requests. People with ADHD don’t always remember spoken instructions. Write it down, or log it in your phone, where the ‘sticky note’ can’t get lost.

10. Limit your availability.  Make it clear to co-workers that you can’t be disturbed outside of your pre-arranged ‘office hours’.


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