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ADHA-Proof Productivity…Part 1

ADHA-Proof Productivity…Part 1

ADHD can be a workplace liability, it’s true.  Lost productivity can cost $209 to $6,699 per person depending on the severity of symptoms – and it can increase your likelihood of termination.  But it can also mean unparalleled innovation, dynamic interpersonal skills, and creative leadership.  The trick is leaning to get things done when you must.

1 Tackle you inbox at set times.  Don’t waste time by checking your email too frequently – then falling down the internet black hole. Set an alarm, and dive into your unread folder each time it goes off.  Add each task to your to-do list, reply to confirm you will take care of it and archive the message.

2 Get physically active before tackling a boring task.  Walking up and down a few flight of stairs, going a crossword puzzle, or playing Candy Crush for 15 minutes enhances your executive functioning – priming you for the work ahead.

3 Boost your reading with color.  When sifting through a long report, cover the page with a  sheet of transparent colored plastic to boost your comprehension.  When reading digitally, use the highlighting tool.

4 Set a timer for each task.  People with ADHD often have a poor sense of time.  Instead of giving yourself all day to finish that memo, allot two hours. Set a computer or phone alert.

5 List your top to daily to-dos.  Write them on a white board or use an app. If your priorities shift, alter the list with a swipe.


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