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Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Every week in your TEAM chapter you will have an opportunity to give a “One Minute Commercial” about your business, and I have a little saying about this time of the meeting.  It is “Facts Tell…Stories Sell”.  What does that mean?  It means when we are telling stories about our business we are really painting a picture to our networking partners, clients, potential clients and everyone else that we know what we are doing, and are doing it successfully.  Telling stories helps you brag about yourself a little bit.  Let me give you an example:


During the “highlight one part of your business” you can say: This week I’d like to highlight…(and then proceed to tell us about the highlight for the week).


Now, let me show you how to “spice up” your highlight.  You can say: “This week I’d like to highlight…” (and then proceed to highlight your business…and share a story that will illustrate how you have helped someone this week)


Find a way to share a story in every One Minute Commercial because it works!  Remember, when we were growing up, our parents didn’t tell us bedtime “facts”, they told us bedtime stories.  Facts tell, stories sell and we want you to sell a bunch.

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