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Prospecting Voicemail Dont’s

Prospecting Voicemail Dont’s

Playing “pretend”

Pretending you have called before when you haven’t is just weird.  And is usually pretty transparent.  Don’t do it.  Instead, do some research so you have a value proposition from the beginning.

Oops…didn’t mean to say all that

It’s important to map out your message in advance.  Otherwise, you could hang up without having made your point, or worse, leave a rambling message that will leave you feeling awkward and embarrassed.

You’re missing the point

Talking about your products, instead of a compelling challenge that matters to your prospect, is a sure fire way NOT to get a return call.

Your prospect knows who you are, right?

Forgetting to leave your name and contact information at the end of the message…well, defeats the entire point, honestly!  And even if you remember and call back, it says something about how you do business. Here’s a tip: leave it at the beginning when the prospect is poised to take notes and repeat the information at the end of your message.

No one likes a quitter

Giving up after only 2 or 3 attempts is a common mistake amongst sales reps.  But most prospects won’t return your call until you have tried to reach them more than nine times.

Short and not so sweet

Leaving a message that is too short doesn’t give the prospect a compelling reason to call you back – or answer your call when you try again.

Talking on fast-forward 

Speaking too quickly makes your voice hard to understand.  Or worse, it makes you mumble and stumble. Slow down.  Drop the “ums” and “uhs”.  Speak clearly and confidently.

Forgetting who sent you

Forgetting to mention someone who has referred you squanders a huge advantage you have with the prospect – pre-established trust.  You worked hard for the referral. Use it.


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