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11 Tips to Effective Email Management

11 Tips to Effective Email Management

1. Process your emails once a day (no need to check it 4213 times/day – Nothing major is going to happen)

2. Prioritize 20% important emails; Defer 80%

3. Have a “Reply by XX Day” folder (So you get some time to think over the emails and get to them later)

4. You don’t need to reply to every email (Sometimes no reply is a form of a reply too)

5. Create templates if you often send similar emails.

6. Read only emails that are relevant (Organize them into folders; Pick and read when you need to)

7. Structure your emails by category (use folders / labels and hierarchy structure for your benefit)

8. Use filters (Sort your emails automatically)

9. Use the “One Minute Rule” when replying

10.  Limit the time you spend in your inbox

11. (Ruthlessly) Unsubscribe from emails you don’t need



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